Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Conversation....

just had a look at the blog, very interesting mate, good work.
excellent weather isn't it ?
went to see a french thriller called "tell no one" yesterday, very good indeed.
didn't watch much glastonbury but really enjoyed the arctic monkeys on friday night although i was a bit drunk.
nice to see you last wed, turned into a very nice evening and the loch fyne oyster bar was excellent, hope the office move has gone well.

Glad you enjoyed the blog - I've had an email from Clarkey, I think he's interested in joining us on the 13th. Do we have an itinerary yet? I think it would be good to take in the Festival Pavilion at some point. Good to see you as well - went to the X Keys again on Thursday. Office move isn't until mid July - just planning where everyone will sit at the moment.
Cheers Harry
PS Let me know when we have an itinerary and I will blog it!

itinerary ?
don't really know. meet about 12.30-1.00 is
if the weather is okay then somewhere outside like dukes 92 would be good.
visit festival pavilion.
eat something.
go home not too late.
i haven't heard anything from clarky.
i'm on hols next week but will concentrate on details upon my return and e mail people.
bought the editors cd yesterday, very good indeed.

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