Friday, July 11, 2008

The Word Magazine Album Map

Interesting developments on the Word Magazine website, they've added an album map.
The map in typical Google Maps fashion pinpoints the spots where iconic album cover photographs were taken. You can zoom in by double-clicking an area of the map or by using the slider on the left hand side. Click on a blue marker to see details of that album.
Some recommended locations for music connoisseurs are:

  • The Smiths - The Queen is Dead
  • Microdisney - The Clock Comes Down The Stairs
  • London Calling - The Clash
  • Heaven Up Here - Echo & The Bunnymen
  • Coles Corner - Richard Hawley (It's not Sheffield)
  • Spring Hill Fair - The Go-Betweens

But don't stop there - you can add your own favourites to the map. It's really simple to do - well for some people....

By the way, there is a Summer Open Neck shirt on Friday 25 July 2008, I might go along...

1 comment:

Hoops Hooley said...

Old hat possibly but I've only just come across this, two and a half years after the event. Oh well...

Interesting to have my suspicions confirmed that the Clock Comes Down The Stairs is from Clapham Junction. I've looked down at those tracks a few times and wondered...

And the Original Pirate Material is within walking distance of my work. See also Turnpike House which is even nearer!