Thursday, January 22, 2009

Adventures on the High Teas - In Search of Middle England

Following on from Cider with Roadies and Pies & Prejudice, Adventures on the High Teas - In Search of Middle England is due for launch on 5th March 2009. Can Stuart Maconie make it a trio of excellent books?

As with Pies & Prejudice - In Search of the North, Stuart goes on a journey of discovery - trying to find the real 'Middle England.'

"Is Middle England about tradition and decency or closed minds and bigotry? Is it maypoles and evensong, or flooded market towns and binge drinkers in the park? Stands the church clock still at ten to three, and is there honey still for tea? And is Slough really as bad as Ricky Gervais and John Betjeman make out? Does Middle England hark all the way back to Arthurian legend and Merrie England, or is it a modern concept borne of Top Gear and Princess Diana? From Shakespeare to JK Rowling, Vaughan Williams to Craig David, William Morris to B&Q, "Morte D'Arthur" to "Midsomer Murders", Stuart Maconie leads the expedition, with plenty of stop-offs for tea and pastries, to discover the truth".

Perhaps his book jacket copy is getting a bit formulaic, but I'm sure he will come through with the goods.

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