Saturday, November 27, 2010

Top Twenty Albums of 2010

This year it was particularly hard to limit my selection to just ten, so I have decided to extend my list to twenty favourites. I Am Kloot top the list with the wonderfully evocative Sky at Night. It's also worth noting that the top three groups are from Manchester or at least have their roots in Manchester, but then again Manchester is and always has been at the forefront of great music.

Top twenty albums of 2010

1. I am Kloot - Sky at Night

2. Cherry Ghost - Beneath this Burning Shoreline

3. Everything, Everything - Man Alive

4. Edwyn Collins - Losing Sleep

5. Villagers - Becoming A Jackal

6. Ed Harcourt - Lustre

7. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

8. Paul Weller - Wake Up the Nation

9. James - The Night Before

10. Laura Marling - I Speak Because I Can

11. Midlake - The Courage of Others

12. Stornoway - Beachcomber's Windowsill

13. Gil Scott-Heron - I'm New Here

14. Badly Drawn Boy - It's What I'm Thinking Part 1 - Photographing Snowflakes

15. Cathal Coughlan -Rancho Tetrahedron

16. Sufjan Stevens - Age of Adz

17. Darkstar - North

18. Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM

19. Gold Panda - Lucky Shiner

20. Caribou - Swim

I'd also like to recommend the Rough Trade Top 100 albums listing which is available to play through Spotify - just follow the link



Phil said...


Good job I'm of work this week as its taken me 10 minutes to get this far....

You need to include a users guide for 50 year + geezers who aren't familiar with navigating around blogs...I can probably think of half a dozen who fit the bill. Is there a Blogging For Dummies - if not there should be.

Logged on to find the photographs of the Open Necked Shirt - good job I've got time to sniff around at the mo..... presume they're around here somewhere....?

Your Top 10 (20) is always worth a read. Not bought much since arriving back in Aus...we're nowhere near a decent record shop. Yes, I have heard of Amazon but its not the same. Might use your Top 20 as a shopping list ...can I get a refund if dont like anything?

Had to sign up to some Google Account to get this far (and will probably get inundated with penis enlargement spam as a consequences) so no idea if this is going to post goes.....

Ian Harry Aspinall said...

Hi Phil,

Good to see that you've now entered the digital age - look forward to seeing you on Twitter soon :-)

I'll think you'll enjoy most of the stuff on the top 20 albums, but if you don't, do please let me know and I'll have a word with the bands concerned.

Really enjoyed Badly Drawn Boy at the Holmfirth Picturedrome recently - I'm sure you'd have enjoyed it too.

Good to hear from you mate, you must keep in touch. Will we see you in the UK next year?

Send my regards to Margaret.


PS Will try and post some pics from the Xmas do at the Met next week.

Phil said...

Bought the I am Kloot and Edwin Collins albums.

So far have only played the I am Kloot album and then in the car on the way back so not ideal - first impressions -not exactly a foot tapper and on first hearing conjours up an image of some one who has spent too much time in the solitary isolation of a bedsit.

I'll give it a few more listens - along with Edwin before a final verdict.

Ian Harry Aspinall said...

Excellent choices - I'm sure you'll enjoy 'Sky at Night' after a few more listens.

Pete is putting together his Top Ten, so you can see if there are any similarities. Smudger has suggested Rod Stewart again.

peter said...


good to see some feedback on this page, well done phil.
agrree with the top 2 but everything everything are crap.
my choices to follow.


peter y said...

peters top long playing records of 2010.

arcade fire - the suburbs
cherry ghost - beneath this burning shore
i am kloot - sky at night
caro emerald - deleted scenes from the cutting room floor
robert plant - band of joy
rumer - seasons of my soul
josh rouse - la turista
the xx - xx
massive - heligoland
laura marling - i speak because i can
john grant - king of denmark
richmond fontaine - we used to think the freeway sounded like a river
momentos - dulce pontes

Hoops Hooley said...

Hi Ian,

Hoops Hooley (aka Library School Pete) here!

Glad to see your taste in music hasn't deteriorated over the years...

There's been some great stuff in 2010. Definitely with you with Edwyn, Arcade Fire, Laura Marling, GSH and Darkstar. Some others I haven't heard but will try and dip into on Spotify etc. Not enough hours in the day...

Interesting to see Cathal C in there. I saw him live a couple of months ago but haven't checked out his new stuff yet. I generally get to see the High Llamas (the other Microdisney off-shoot) about once a year when they play down here. Really like their stuff.

Anyway, have a good xmas. Thanks for the card. Keep in touch!


Ian Harry Aspinall said...

I think this series of posts almost signifies a viral level of activity :-)

Good to see Pete Y's list of 'long playing records', a few similarities with mine but don't know Caro Emerald or Mementoos - will check them out.

Good to hear from Pete W aka Hoops Hooley - really like your Twitter posts - I've re-tweeted quite a few!

I'm still a big fan of Cathal Coughlan, he doesn't don't do much touring these days and when he plays it is usually in London.

Looking forward to The Decemberists new album and tour next year, thoroughly recommend them live - I'm going to see them in Leeds and I think they are playing in London in March.

Maybe we could catch up some time when I'm in London watching the Latics?

Best wishes for Xmas and New Year,

peter y said...


apologies, its an album called momentos by dulce pontes, its fado so you may not want to bother, caro emerald has been number 1 in the netherlands for 29 weeks, thats longer than thriller, its retro pastiche but well worth a listen.
also reissue of the decade is 20,000 feet over china by the passions, its brilliant, what a great group they were, everyone should have it.

Ian Harry Aspinall said...

Peter Y,

Thanks for the clarification. Will definitely give The Passions a re-listen.

Merry Xmas to all.

Phil said...

Given I am Kloot further listens - getting more out of it each time - bit of a grower but Edwin has it on the foot tapping front.

Will pick a few more from the selection along with Pete's listings over the coming weeks and feedback - not certain that I'll be dipping into the Dutch top ten though - full of clog tapping hits?

I seem to remember The Passions Michael and Miranda being the conversation piece that introduced me to Pete - so you could say they have a lot to answer for. A definite purchase.

Hope everyone has had a good Xmas. Too hot here - 37 degrees - give me snow and airport chaos any day.

Have a great new year - see you at Easter.


Ian Harry Aspinall said...


Glad that you are now enjoying I am Kloot and Edwin as expected. Give the others a listen as there are quite a few gems this year.

The weather here is now a moderate 3 degrees which feels relatively warm after the recent cold snap.

Off to the 'Call Me Dave' Stadium tomorrow to see the Latics take on Arsenal - pity United couldn't haven't beaten Brum, as we are now back in the bottom three. We beat Arsenal at home last season - can lightening strike twice?

Look forward to seeing you at Easter - how long are you in the UK for?

All the best for the New Year,

Phil said...

This may appear twice as just about to post and somehow it disappeared...could n't possibly be something I did.

Just working through Paul Weller and Villagers. Weller ticking most of the boxes, Villagers - interesting - more of a grower?

Passions - on order - will take a about 4 weeks to arrive from Blighty. "In a hurry had to dash, on my bike and I was off in flash..." or words to that effect (Pete will know)

Blog appears to have gone quiet again...

Ian Harry Aspinall said...

Thought you'd enjoy most of the stuff on the top twenty list.

Do you have spotify? It really is the best place to listen to music both new and old. My current favourite is The King is Dead by The Decemberists - see review above.

Some other new stuff you may be interested in is Wire's Red Barked Tree and the forthcoming albums by Lykke Li and Elbow.

It would be good if we can get Pete Y and a few others contributing their latest favourites and create a bit of a dialogue around new music - probably best to do it is under the King is Dead post above.