Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Student Life in 1978

Some Memories of Student Life in 1978
  • People with strange and unusual names: Julian Bickerton; Ramy Zack; Nicholas Bodicombe; Peter Sebastian Younger ……and ‘Neil Smith’.
  • In the first week being moved from Royal Ford Hall of Residence to Cavendish Halls because we had no water supply.
  • Early Cavendish Gigs – Gruppo Sportivo, Joe Jackson, The Fall, Stiff Little Fingers.
  • Skirmishes at Didsbury Union with the Rugby team. Nick Broad threatening to take on all the Rugby Team in a fight.
  • Bizarrely being attacked by young kids in Didsbury and repelling them all too easily.
  • Aytoun Street Coffee Bar and the Table Football games.
  • Beers in front of the Old Cock Pub in hot weather.
  • Nick ‘Bodysnatcher’ Bodicombe smoothing himself around the girls.
  • Peter stealing Adele’s underwear.
  • Dislocating my finger playing cricket at Royal Ford – Smudger put it back into the socket.
  • Wire at ‘The Factory’, Russell Club in Hulme
  • Wigan’s first season in the Football League.
  • Jimmy ‘Mr Aston Villa’ Williams – where are you now Jimmy?
  • The Plaza – Curries for the criminally drunk, the ‘Hot’, the ‘Killer’, and the ‘Suicide’.
  • The Toyota 1000 – Did I really ‘only’ charge 50p a ride?

    I look forward to your memories of 1978.

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smudger said...

what about.
The girl walking up the stairs in royal ford as a pair of knickers started to come out from the bottom of her jeans.

Walking into russells (eyes like piss holes in the snow) room and seeing Ann Heywood strapped to a chair and Russ firing toy gun bullets at her. And i didnt even blink . What was that all about . Sorry Mike

What about the water fights in the corridors . Harry get me a bloody scanner quick i have it all on photos.

What about jane moody taking smudger "home " one night then afterwards denying it was his first shag when she started crying outside smudgers door saying she was his first