Friday, October 14, 2005


Welcome to 'The Open Neck Shirt - A Blog for Our Times.'

This is an online forum for a group of disparate students and some Manchester based friends, who started at Manchester Polytechnic in 1978. Ian Harry Aspinall, Neil Aloysius Smith, Peter Sebastian Younger, Phil G'day Sorah, Kenneth Albert Thorpe, Ian Stan Shaw, Gary Vicary, Ian Clark, Graham Sutherland, Jon Marshall and various other occasional guests.

It's only taken 27 years to get this forum started.
But now it has finally begun, let's start with a rant about .... 'What's Currently Annoying With The World'.

Rant No 1- The Rage of Age
1. Stupid ringtones and loud f**kers - Have some manners.
2. Is the Premiership boring argument - No it isn't.
3. Loyalty Cards and Points - Just give us the money off.
4. Takeaway rubbish littering the streets - You Chavs put it in the bin.
5. Stupid hairstyles for men - Get a grip on yourselves boys.
6. Clone Towns - We don't want the same shops and shopping centres in every small town.
7. Fern Cotton, Top of the Pops - Get rid of this woman with the ridiculously pretentious voice.
8. ID Cards - Potential cost 5.8bn, they are having a laarf.
9. Bernard Ingham - Yorkshire pratt extraordinaire.
10. Dog shit on my front lawn - Just clean it up.

Future topics include: More Rants; the Annual Get Together; Neil's 'former' sex life; Where we will go on the 25th November this year?
Other important topics include: Football (Yes, aren't Wigan doing well); Beer (does that include Lager?); Good Music (but don't mention Chris de Burgh); Culture and Politics (that covers just about everything then).

Please feel free to add your comments/ideas below and don't forget to send any embarrassing electronic photographs to me so that they can be published on this blog.


Ian Aspinall said...

Hi All,

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smudger said...


Below is an extract from my book "apologies for my behavour"

I am sorry for

Saying to Harry he was a socialist to his then very conservative girlfriend

Telling Phil to get a fuckin job and stop drawing dole that i was earning for him on my higher rate tax bracket

Saying to peter he was turning into a wanker for going to the cornerhouse

Saying to ken he was thick and then threatening to hit him with my Dunlop Maxply tennis raquet when he reminded me i only had an ordinary degree having been chucked off the honours

For abusing peters room by always eating my curry in it so my room didnt smell

And there are more confessions to follow

Anonymous said...

excellent work harry, so this is what a blog is.
god, isn't modern life pointless, do people really spend time putting details of their dreary, quotidian existences on the net, why? who's interested?
and another thing, mobile phones, we all managed quite nicely before didn't we ?
downloading, its shit, go to a record shop.
pointless consumer items, camera phones, ipods that you can watch tv on, throw them all away and read a book, worthless gaudy trinkets dangled in front of us by a consumer society in its death throes.
tesco's slogan " every little helps", tesco are not there to help you, they are there to take all your money and make huge profits.
franz ferdinand, the editors, bloc party etc. are these groups serious? is it neccesary to copy the gang of 4, joy division and the cure quite so slavishly, write some songs of your own boys.
looking forward to more of neils aplogies.
more later

peter said...

excellent photo of the car harry.
they don't make them like that any more.
i remember that buses were too expensive and that the stops were too close together.
drinking mild for the first time.
simon hindmarsh, a total legend.
prawn cocktail crisps.
the poor chinese guy who had the misfortune to have a room next to neils.
students still liked albums such as "the snow goose" by camel.
chips from lewis's takeaway in town.
lots more but lets face it, neil's antics would fill whole books.

Ian Aspinall said...

The Toyota 1000 is still in the garage... Other memories of 1978: Pork scratchings; Woodstock & Trevor (never knew their real names); Rob Miller (his band's name escapes me) Jeff Barnes (Chain smoker supreme); the Upstairs bar in Aytoun Street (not to be frequented on Friday nights).

peter said...

systems of romance was a fine album, good choice.
did we ever go to the rajdoot on albert square for curry or is it my imagination ?
does anyone remebre what julian bickerton used to call cigarettes ?
or for that matter what neils sausage dog was called ?
must go back to the gateway ror a drink as well.
at least the robbing butcher on fog lane has gone out of business.

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