Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Manchester Music Archive

I recently purchased the Q Classic magazine 'Morrissey & The Story of Manchester', which is highly recommended for nostalgia freaks and Manchester music fans. Contained within is an article about the Manchester Music Archive at
This is a very useful online resource about the Manchester music scene. There is a poster and photograph archive, information about upcoming events and the archive would like contributions about your Manchester music experiences. The long term ambition is to create a building based museum. The team have already sourced thousands of artefacts, records, posters, flyers, recordings, and personal journals. The archive covers everything from the Halle Orchestra, the formation of the Musicians Union to Manchester's newest bands. Recently the archive was able to sift through the lock-up of Rob Gretton the Manager of Joy Division and New Order. Rob kept almost everything from his time as Manager. The notebooks amount to a complete history of the band, plus there are photos, posters, hundreds of Factory acetates, white labels and live tapes.
There is also an excellent unofficial blog, history and archive about Factory Records at Cerysmatic Factory
which is well worth checking out.
I've added the two sites to the Links section on the side panel for future reference.

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