Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hacienda Exhibition

The Ha├žienda - Photographs of Manchester's Legendary Club
18 Oct - 4 Dec

As part of it's Manchester Season, Urbis has commissioned photographer Ian Tilton's homage to the Hacienda. This should be of interest to both Open Neck Shirters and all students of pop culture. This exhibition is a precursor to the much larger Hacienda retrospective due next summer.


Ian Aspinall said...

I think that my favourite gig at the Hacienda was 'The Smiths' - I'm pretty sure the place was full to capacity and we were all given a bunch of flowers as we entered the venue. Morrissey was on fine form and the band were at the height of their powers. Anybody got any other memories of the Hac?

Ian Aspinall said...
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Stan said...

My abiding memory is turning up on a mid week night in the late 80's with Phil Sykes and being turned away because we "weren't the right type". No wonder it went bust.

Ian Aspinall said...

This confirms my view that the Hacienda always had impeccable taste. Sorry mate, just couldn't resist.