Thursday, November 09, 2006

Twenty Eight Bloody Years

The Open Neck Shirt
17 November 2006, Manchester, England

1pm The Sevenoaks

2pm Albert Square - Christmas Market

3pm Circus Tavern

5pm La Tasca, Deansgate

6.30pm onwards - Britons Protection, Peveril of the Peak, Corbieres, etc

Any problems, and all nuisance phone calls to Neil on 07976 540836 - Hey Phil we expect at least one!

As usual it is...
Politics, gratuitous insults, lying and cheating, violence and heavy drinking.


Clarkie said...

Most splendid idea to link the venues to maps ...especially for us southerners with fadding memories. Oh, just me then.


Ian Aspinall said...

Glad you appreciate it. Pete recommends the Circus Tavern link.


AnJaka said...
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