Monday, October 02, 2006

The Open Neck Shirt 2006

Another year has passed, but what are the significant changes that have taken place in the lives of the Open Neck Shirters.....

Will Phil now be called 'Digger', and be living somewhere in the Outback?
Will Pete have become a Hari Krishna?
Will Neil have had a full body wax?
Will Harry have joined the Tory party?
Will Ken have opened a Gay Wine Bar in Gorton?
Will Stan have joined the Local Immigrant Support Group?
Will Gary have become a Viagra addict?
Will Graham have become a Trappist Monk?
Will Jon have become Ben Thatcher's agent?
Will Ian have joined the Pearly Kings?

All will be revealed at twenty eight years in an Open Neck Shirt on Friday 17th November 2006.

Full details of the day's itinerary to follow soon.

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