Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Joy Division live on Something Else

Joy Division live on Something Else - not quite as I remember it, but still worth watching.


Phil said...

Very clever - hair too long. Checked out the original footage on the back of watching this - it still excites.

Ian Harry Aspinall said...
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Ian Harry Aspinall said...

Thought it might bring back a few memories. Have the bushfires departed? Australia is certainly getting a bashing from extreme weather events.

Phil said...


Definitely brought back memories - remember seeing them at The Apollo supported by The Buzzcocks. Cant have been many months before Ian Curtis committed suicide.

No bush fires this weekend although conditions very similar to last weekend. Seems the fire as started by an off duty Police officer doing some work on his trailer and using an angle grinder - sparks lit some dry grass , strong winds set it going and it was away... the guy is devastated apparently - final tally was 72 houses destroyed. If he'd been stuck on a desert island with a ton of dry grass and an angle grinder you can bet it would have taken him 10 years to set fire to it attract attention.... prime example of Sods Law!

Out of curiosity and as not used to this blogging caper - what comment got deleted / why?


Ian Harry Aspinall said...


Sounds like you had a lucky escape from the bushfires. Devastating news from Christchurch though. We have relatives in New Zealand and visited Christchurch when in NZ, so it really brings home the tragedy.

We had a great time in Amsterdam when visiting Pete & Liz. They have a really nice apartment in the historic canal district. Well worth a trip if you get the chance before they come back in October. It was great to see you and Margaret on Skype- we will have to connect again soon.

The comment deletion was just a typing mistake, you also occasionally get spam which I have to delete.

Off to the 'Call Me Dave' Stadium on Saturday to see Wigan V United. Neil will be joining me - Jamie has to work- so we may go for a few beers beforehand.
I'm sure that United will let us win as we need the points more than you do!