Sunday, February 06, 2011

The King is Dead

The Decemberists new album 'The King is Dead' is quite a departure from their previous epic 'The Hazards of Love.'  The group have made quite a reputation for developing 'dare I say' concept album approach to music making. However, the new album returns the group to their early folk/americana roots. The influence of REM is never far way and Peter Buck joins the group on several songs.

The King is Dead is perhaps not as immediate as 'The Hazards of Love' or  'The Crane Wife' but it is a rewarding experience following further listens. The band will be touring the UK in March and from my previous experience the live shows should not be missed - see you at the Leeds Academy show on 11 March?


smudger said...

I prefer the queen is dead.
what about Tony Christies new album

peter y said...

i haven't heard it but how many decemberist albums do you need ?
i have a couple, they're good, don't need another really. i did by mumford and sons,"sigh no more " for £3 and thats good, also check out terry reid, a biot 70's but nothing wrong with that.
neil is right the new album by tony christie is good, and he's from sheffield.
also check out jarvis' musical map of sheffield on 6 music listen again, very good stuff.
after resisting watching the wire for a long time, basically because its a male, middle aged cliche, i have started season 1. do i like it ?
i didn't want to but it is bloody fantastic isn't it.
i feel like crying when an episode ends and i have to wait until the next day to watch another.

Hoops Hooley said...

Really liked The Hazards of Love but I haven't heard this one yet. Will get back to you...